Corporate Research brings years of expertise in the design, implementation and interpretation of research.  We will recommend the right approach to deliver actionable research data.

Advertising is an important vehicle in communicating a productís benefits to your target market. Corporate Research can help you develop and refine your advertising from the earliest strategic planning through final production.

Ad or concept testing usually begins as qualitative work using either focus groups or one-on-ones.  The information collected allows a better understanding of how the concept fits into the potential userís array of problem solving behaviors.  We can identify whether the concept addresses an already perceived problem or if the user needs to be educated about the problem and its potential solutions.

We recommend that some form of broader based research follow to quantify the results of the qualitative research such as intercepts, telephone, mail or web research.  Our Concept Testing techniques will help you identify the most deserving concepts thus avoiding the costly mistakes of eliminating good ideas or committing your resources to less productive projects. Back to top

Awareness is critical to the launch and maintenance of a brand. Positive attitudes give the customer permission to try your product. Corporate Research can show you how to track these factors and help you understand subsequent usage patterns. Back to top.

It takes much more effort to find a new customer than to keep one you already have. We can help you track your customersí attitudes and levels of satisfaction so you can stay ahead of their wants and needs. Back to top.

Employees are the life blood of any business. Donít presume you know how they feel about the workplace. Keep up with their attitudes and feelings about your business. We can show you how, inexpensively. Back to top.

From concept throught rollout and on to maturity, your product needs to provide real customer benefits and live up to consumer expectations. Corporate Research will work with you to help you develop your products from the idea stage through maturity providing the insights you need to keep them fresh and your customers satisfied with their performance. Back to top.

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